Flood Insurance For Myrtle Beach Area Homeowners

The coast of South Carolina and North Carolina regularly receive damaging weather such as hurricanes, flash flooding, and torrential downpours.

According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, the state of South Carolina has had damages of more than $7 billion in the last 12 years from flooding and hurricane events.

If you’re asking yourself, do I need flood insurance? As a homeowner, are you prepared to shoulder the burden of the high costs associated with flooding? Just one inch of water throughout your home causes an average of $25,000 in damage.

For more than four decades, John T. Cook & Associates, have been providing homeowners throughout the Carolinas with competent, competitive, and caring insurance services, including flood insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance and Flood Insurance Policies

Your homeowners insurance policy most likely excludes coverage for damage resulting from flooding. So if you own a home, then you’ll need to add an additional flood insurance policy. This policy can cover:

  • Flood preparation costs
  • Damage to your home
  • Damaged appliances
  • Damaged goods, clothes and other belongings
  • Flood cleanup costs

Without flood insurance, you’d be left covering these expenses out of pocket.

Flood Insurance for Homeowners vs. Renters vs. Condo Owners

Do renters need flood insurance? What about flood insurance for condos? Flood policies come with two separate types of coverage: building coverage and contents coverage. If you own your home, then you need building coverage to pay for flood damage to the dwelling. You also need contents coverage to pay for damage done to the items inside your home. As a renter, all you need is contents coverage, as you are likely not liable for costs associated with the dwelling itself.

For condo owners, the necessary coverage is not always clear. Many condo owners find they need both contents and building coverage, while others need contents-only coverage. In these situations, it is best to speak with an agent who can help you identify your risks before you purchase your policy.  As locals to the Grand Strand, the independent agents at John T Cook & Associates are familiar with reading condominium bylaws and covenants to advise you on your risk.

Common Misconceptions About Flood Insurance and Federal Aid

If you don’t believe that your home needs flood insurance, we encourage you to reconsider— especially property owners and residents of coastal cities such as Myrtle Beach, Garden City, Ocean Isle, Loris, and Conway.

According to FEMA, about 25% of all flood insurance claims come from areas with low-to-moderate flood risk. Even mild flooding that leads to only an inch of water in your home can lead to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Finally, federal disaster aid is limited and must be repaid.

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Whether you are looking for your first flood insurance policy or you have questions about changes to your policy under the Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012, reach out to our agents. We are happy to provide you with a free flood insurance quote and talk to you about ways you can make the cost of flood insurance coverage more affordable.

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